Vennom Scarlette Lace

Model, Photographer, Vocalist, Pole Dancer, Poi Spinner.

Anonymous asked: Do you like tights?

Yeah i do like tights, I love tights :) always on the look out for new different ones!!

Anonymous asked: You're so hot, the things I'd do to you, fuck.

Aha, thankyou :) 

Going ouuut out! 

So this was me on monday night, ready for Delight Alt night at the Astoria in Portsmouth. 

Was my first time going and I was quite impressed by the music, worth it :) 

Summery Tootsies

Practicing Sweet Child O'Mine

I didn’t come naked but I did bring beer?

Wearing my Slaves chastity key around my neck to remind him who his owner is!

Anonymous asked: did you at any point like bdsm/femdom? thats the main reason i followed your blog but now im too distracted to care as much as i did about it :P

Hello, well its a little complicated, because of how I look and dress people assume that I am dominative and because of this I now have a job being a dom and I have a slave however sexually I am very submissive and I think that’s how I can be a Dom as a job, I really can separate it as work because it doesn’t turn me on at all. :)

Anonymous asked: oh hai ur hot

Hai sweet anon, thankyou for putting a smile on my face.

Modelling in Dark Places. Most recent modelling gig, on Thursday night :)