Vennom Scarlette Lace

Model, Photographer, Vocalist, Pole Dancer, Poi Spinner.

Anonymous asked: Still so very Unf. Like, good lord.

<3 Thanks Anon 

Feeling Summer &lt;3
New Shades
New Trainers
Get in. 
New Trainers :)
Handed my essay in finally, now to get started on my proposal! 
It is really never ending at the moment!
So lots of people have been asking for my snapchat, i don&#8217;t do sex images so please don&#8217;t bother, just add me if you are a laugh :)


Approaching 1000!

So my blog is growing in popularity and i am at 947 followers, I feel like I need to do something big and exciting when I reach 1000!!?

Anonymous asked: Wow this is just wow how do you get away with looking like that i mean really? Do people really like it coz it just seems very strange!

Get away with looking like what? Haha. Like me? 

Yeah I get away with it, you should live by the belief ” Do as you will as long as it harms none” 

Who cares what people dress or look like? We are all different :)

My Easter Presents

New Leather Skinnies, Size 18, got them in Primark :)
Treated my butt for Easter!?
I am 20 years old, but my dad did me an Easter Egg hunt!