Vennom Scarlette Lace

Model, Photographer, Vocalist, Pole Dancer, Poi Spinner.

Proof my pussy is on the next level :P 
Two Years really makes all the difference, I am so much bigger now, I want to get back down to the size I was when I was 18! 
Cyber Goggles:
Lenses all made by me, I really am getting quite the collection :) 


Having to wear black for my new job isn’t all bad :)

Zatanna Outfit
Slowly coming together, I am getting rather excited now :0

Party Time :)

Home Made Burritos - Don’t mind if I do :) 

Playsuit :P


I have never taken on a task this big but I think I have done rather well with some help from my friend David :) 

This bathroom began life as a magnolia hell!

8am - 7pm 

Paint walls silver

Paint skirting and sills white

Paint tiles white and add pink Anchors 

Lay new flooring tiles

Add all the pink pretties

and Finally hang the mirrors :) 

My sister (not blood) and I