Vennom Scarlette Lace

Model, Photographer, Vocalist, Pole Dancer, Poi Spinner.

New Job!

So guys, I haven’t been online in a while so it has been impossible for me to keep you up to date with what is going on in my life!

As you all know I have just moved back to uni, I have been here nearly a month now and had a job for only a week less!!

I went out one morning dressed as smartly as I could, Retainers in my piercings and no make up on, in search of a job. I was so surprised when I was asked to do a trial shift on that evening when I went into a pub called The Royal Albert on Albert Road. 

It is the best job I have had as of yet, I am a barmaid and my boss is fully in support of individuality and so I may wear my Piercings to work, cake my face in make up, design wacky hair do’s and wear any of my clothes just so long as they are black. Best Job Ever!!!

  • 28 September 2013
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